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Health - Happiness- Life

June 8, 2016

Yoga is an ancient art form and life practice that has been passed down through traditional lineages for thousands of years. In the past century our Western culture has taken to this now popular form of Holistic Health and wellness because of its multitude of now scientifically proven benefits. 

Yoga can be beneficial for anyone but is especially helpful for those going through cancer treatment or recovery. Cancer is a scary word and idea for many of us in the modern world, almost all of us have watched a loved one struggle or have had a personal experience with recovering from Cancer. However, thanks to Krishnamacharya and many other yogis who have brought us these time tested traditions and practices to the West so that we now have more ways to help assist those we love and ourselves personally to strengthen the mind-body-spirit for any experience life may bring us. 

Yoga has a profound effect on not only strengthening the immune system, glands, organs and helping l...

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