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Lauren M. Buzzard

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Lauren is a successful Life Coach, Nutritional Specialist, Personal Trainer, Master Energy Worker, scientifically trained Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist and dedicated Yoga Therapist. She has spent the past 12 years living abroad studying and teaching the various arts/philosophies/modalities of Holistic Health in the lands they originated from. She has worked and owned businesses sharing Holistic Health all over the world.

Lauren has trained with some of the best doctors (Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Herbalists & Chiropractic/Osteopathic Doctors) for years in order to find out what really works for complete mind-body-emotional wellness. 


Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, 800hr+ Yoga Therapy Diploma, Yoga Nidra, Personal Training Certification, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, more than 1500+ hrs of Licenced Massage Training, Energy Therapy Certifications (Reiki, Polarity, Craniosacral, ect.), Master Herbalist, and formal training in many various Healing Art Therapies. She has been practicing these healing arts techniques personally and in private practice for more than 12 years.


When she is not teaching, coaching or in a therapy session, you can find her at home studying, practicing yoga, meditating, fermenting or outside on Aspen's beautiful mountains enjoying natures gifts. Lauren is dedicated to building healthier communities together with willing leaders, dreaming up healthy new recipes & crafting new ways to help everyone get the most out of life. 


Lauren has been the Co-Owner, Therapist, Holistic Nutrition Coach and recipe developer of an Organic Cafe & Wellness Center in Arizona. Before the Cafe, she created In'Lakech Body Alchemy a Raw Organic Superfood custom dessert, treats and meal prep service in 2014 to give her clients a true experience of how delicious high health can really be. She has been working with Wild Herbs and Organic Superfoods creating high-quality products and treats that she has used personally for over a decade. She is currently working on Healing Rituals, a Raw Organic Body Care & Superfood Latte/Blends product line.


"I love working one-on-one and in workshops with clients to help us all grow together in a new paradigm of high vibrational living and health that we all deserve. My philosophy with clients is to find a path to healing and optimal health that serves You as a completely unique individual."  


After the session my muscles felt very relieved and my mind clear. During the Massage portion Lauren helped release any knots and tight muscles I had, she used great technique that got deep into my body but also made me feel safe. During the Cranial Sacral Therapy I almost immediately fell into a state of meditation and a few moments after I enter a very deep state of stillness that I could not reach by myself.

-Colton, F.

I got to spend some time with Lauren today and she is such an amazing woman and has such a beautiful spirit and energy! I got to get an energy scan that was super eye-opening and only helped me to better my awareness of the things I put in and around my body and environment! Lauren is super knowledgeable and she has so many different services that she offers! I am excited to work with Lauren in some other sessions as well! Definitely would recommend this place to anyone! It is exciting that a place like this exists in the East Valley!

I am new to Reiki. Paul at the Spirit Cafe set me up with Lauren, HHC. She is very nice and spent some time with me explaining about energy healing. I really did not know what to expect from my session. I can tell you I have never felt such an overwhelming love encapsulating my entire being. The experience was profoundly spiritual and as it was taking place I felt one with the universe. Afterwards, I walked in the grass and hugged a tree like it was a true friend. It really is powerful knowing that we are all connected, therefore never truly alone. I would highly recommend Lauren as she has a true gift. Thank you again Lauren!

-Jennifer M.

Truly a place of quality and impressive service. The products are of the best quality and the services are genuine! Lauren is an incredible practitioner and does amazing work! I trust this places and her services and will be going back. I definitely recommend the friendly atmosphere, kind staff, and impeccable quality! If you care about your health and want a good place to start, go here and talk to Lauren. Also some of the best foods and coffee I’ve ever tasted! The infrared sauna was incredible just make sure you hydrate well the day before going in. Again amazing quality and an awesome experience. Thank you!

-Amir H.

-Michael C.

The therapy I recieve from Lauren is always deeply relieving and nurturing. I feel very relaxed and clearly understood around what my need are. She has a very healing touch and energy that has helped me to not only free up my physical, but also my mental and emotional blocks. Thank You!

-Jill, S.

Amazing food, drinks, and massage! I came not knowing what to expect and I was pleased to find actual delicious super-food based organic food and chocolate! The staff seems to be very knowledgeable especially Lauren who helped me. I also received Thai Massage and energy work from Lauren it was very very good and a powerful healing experience.

-Brian C.

Shes truly a gifted valuable and insightful practitioner. Truly a spa worth going to. Im very grateful for my experience here and will be going back. You're definitely in good and caring hands here.

-Lindsay H.

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Dr. Charles H Lange

Dr. Charles H Lange is a certified Functional Medicine and Epigenetics practitioner.  He resides and practices out of Phoenix, AZ.  He also does group speaking on the importance of individualized health care and how to take control of your health and well-being.                                                                           
Dr. Lange has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology acquired at the University of New York as well as a degree in Medical Physics.  He worked in the field of Radiation Oncology for ten years before becoming interested in the field of preventative health care and natural ways to help the body to heal itself.  He attended Logan University and acquired a degree as a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) and is board certified in the state of Michigan.  He has done post graduate work in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  He has also studied Functional Medicine under Dr. Brandon Lundell.                                                                                               
 In his constant effort to stay current with the most cutting-edge technology and science Dr. Lange has done extensive study and clinical research into the use of Genetics and Methylation. He has studied under Dr. J Dunn who is the founder of Wellness Kinesiology and is a leading researcher in the study of Genetic Methylation.  By analyzing the genetic patterns, he is able to target individual weaknesses to help reexpress genetic mutations,  giving each individual a customized plan to balance their body. In this way the body can heal on its own and optimal health can be obtained and expressed. 
Dr. Lange also practices Epigenetics, Wellness Kinesiology and Functional Medicine in all states by doing phone and email consults as well as seeing patients on sight.   Dr. Lange is a member of the Pastoral Medical Association for Practitioners, Institute for Functional Medicine and the Michigan Association of Chiropractic.

Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders is a dynamic Healing Arts Practitioner specializing in Polarity Therapy,

Integrative CranioSacral Unwinding Therapy, Transformational Life Coaching, Aromatherapy,

and Sound Healing. Jennifer is a graduate of the elite Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts

located in Tempe, AZ, with a degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology. She is the

founder of From The Inside Out - Integrative Healing, a client centered, solution oriented

organization dedicated to providing choices for how people live their lives.

Jennifer’s dedication to the evolution of humanity includes a variety of charitable works and

organizations. Jennifer is active in supporting many different populations, including children

with cancer, HIV/AIDS community, and the homeless. Jennifer’s philanthropic endeavors have

brought profound healing and change to people from all walks of life.

Jennifer is passionate about sharing the all natural power of Young Living Essential Oils and

energy based medicine. Together, these tools create unlimited options for health, well being,

and success. Jennifer currently maintains a thriving personal practice in both southern

California and Arizona. Her bold, fearless expression has inspired students and clients alike to

access their own infinite potential and self-actualization.

Brandon G. Carroll

Brandon G. Carroll is a Polarity Practitioner & has a Psychology Degree in Mind Body Transformation from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. He is also a Reiki Master with over a decade of practice in energy work. Brandon’s vision is “Discovering true wellness through an understanding of life energy” with a mission for, “Facilitating flow with nature by awakening a reality of spirituality”.

In 2012 Brandon experienced a huge transformation referred to as a Kundalini Awakening. This became a catalyst for tremendous spiritual growth accompanied with the realization of his true potential as a realized being. Guided to Swiha he developed a tool set to further ground his intuitive and healing abilities in order to fulfill his life purpose of resourcing others to do the same.

~Brandon’s Message~

“I believe in natural laws that govern the universe which are fundamental to realizing ones innate potential. This energetic process has been outlined in all spiritual & religious traditions for personal growth and self-actualization. Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive healing system of modernity that is largely derived from Ayurveda along with the combination of Eastern & Western medicine. Polarity is a bridge that connects the world and provides the most eclectic healing system known. With this map and the elements as its key, one can experience more flow with nature while navigating the internal weather that guides our lives.”

Rachel Anne Schneider

Rachel Anne began her journey into the healing arts in 2009 followed by a series of seemingly unfortunate events that eventually lead her into disarray. So subtle yet so profound, she found with each new breath that life is always waiting to assist us in the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, to expand and to grow. Rachel approaches her work based on Polarity Therapy, a holistic health practice, asserting that human wellness is based upon the universal energy principles of attraction, repulsion, and neutrality. According to the Polarity model, optimal health benefits occur when energy is balanced and flowing smoothly and naturally throughout the human body. Working with holding patterns, as they are stored in the body, Rachel helps her clients relieve stress, work through physical, mental and spiritual blockages to achieve better overall health. A typical session may include elements of bodywork including various forms of Therapeutic Touch,  Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Cranial Sacral Unwinding, Polarity, TriggerPoint, Reflexology, Chompi East Indian Head Massage and Face lift, Acupressure, and various other holistic therapies. In each session, she incorporates some element of sound healing energetics to bring balance and integration with the session. Aromatherapy, Pranayama, Meditation advice and Yoga poses are offered for free with every session. 

Jordan G. Darnell

Jordan is a seasoned therapist who is certified with over 1500+ hours of training in Licenced Massage Therapy, Esthetics, RYT Yoga Diploma, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and various bodywork techniques specializing in Polarity Therapy and the Upledger approach to Cranial-Sacral Therapy. Jordan is seeker of truth to realization of purpose to oneself within the trinity approach (mind, body, and spirit). He started his journey in the Marines and through serving his country he finally awoke to his higher purpose, to serve the highest good for the one true unified family of beings he shares space with on this amazing planet. Thus bodywork became the passion of his life continuing his ever expanding education into nutrition, yoga, hypnotherapy and holistic health field indefinitely for the benefit of his clients. Energy Medicine by nature shows us that it is paramount to understand that true healing comes from within the client and that as practitioners we are guides in facilitating the awakening of the healing process. It’s you that knows best for your own trinity approach, guided by intentions that align to your highest good, the realization becomes clear that with align and integrate you into your highest potential.

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”  - Ramana Maharshi


Shirin is an Intuitive Empath, World Traveler, Musician, Yogi, and has been studying Buddhism and Spirituality for over a decade. Shirin strives to help others find purpose, healing, and joy. Shirin is very passionate about removing the stigma around mental health issues and believes healing can be fun, innovative, and inspiring. She believes strongly in the positive impact and long-term benefits of cultivating awareness, mindfulness, and maintaining healthy personal boundaries. By practicing self- care, we open up space for creativity, fulfilling relationships, and build a strong foundation in resilience. This enables us to face life’s challenges with more ease. Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Shirin believes it is crucial that we create movement in our lives so that stressful energy stored in our bodies can then be released and transformed into something positive. This helps to avoid burnout or becoming “stuck”. Shirin's practice is deeply rooted in mysticism, holistic health, healing, and a deep life-long passion for Music and Sound Therapy. She is a classically trained pianist and Handpan player. She currently focuses creative efforts on ways to integrate the Handpan (Hang Drum) into healing practices and collaborative projects. Some of her training and certifications include: Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Sensory Meditation, Guided Meditation, Guided Imagery, and the use of Metaphors.

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