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Over a decade worth of experiences sharing her gifts internationally with clients 1:1 and in healing group journeys, events, workshops and retreats. Lauren has channeled her gifts as a shamanic healer & intuitive energy therapist, working with all elements of the mind-body-spirit. A seemly incidental reawakening into the world of healing arts, led Lauren to leave the path of becoming a Naturopath to further develop her natural abilities as a healing guide and health coach. Through intention and practice she found herself invited into sacred ceremonies with some of the most private and revered traditions of the healing/shamanic arts.


As she further delved into her healing path she began receiving invitations into sacred Native American ceremonies as the only anglo female with various multiple Native tribes, journeying in Ceremony with Sacred Plant Medicine, to staying with one of the most remote ancient Olmec tribes deep in the Oaxacan jungle, to again being personally invited into council & teachings with the Venerable Lama Pema Khalsang of the Tibetan Buddist tradition (recognized by the U.N. as an "Outstanding Women of Buddism") then receiving the sacred tradition of Cacao Ceremony by the ancient Mayan Qu'che tribes of the Guatemalan Highlands. Always receiving a genuine invitation to learn these ancient tradition without monetary but only energetic exchange. Lauren deeply recognizes her divine dharma as a channel for purpose of fully awakening the divinity, joy of high health and activating the Self-healer in others as well. 

On top of these divine immersions into authentic traditions of the ancient healing arts, Lauren has now also received over 2000+ hrs of formal training with some of the most renowned teachers in their fields of sound healing, energy healing, and yoga therapy. Including but not exclusive to John Beaulieu (Renown Scientist, Researcher, Author, Sound Healer), Mark Whitwell (Teacher, Author, TKV Desikachar lineage), Kamini Desai (PhD. Teacher, direct descendant of the Amrit Desai Yoga Nidra lineage), Gary Strauss (MS, RPP, PWE). Red Tent and Breath Work teachings with Shiva Rea, Dana Dharma Devi, Mary Bruce, Michal Brian Baker, and numerous other Master teachers and practitioners. 


Prior to her reawakening towards the end of her bachelor's of Health Science, she began rediscovering the life-changing benefits of working with the unconscious and conscious energetic fields to help her relieve stress, depression, and mental/emotional exhaustion. Since then she has traveled the world studying, teaching, working for, and collaborating with some of the most notorious communities in the healing arts. She has to date helped organize and facilitated healing therapy at some of the leading consciousness festivals/conferences/retreats such as the Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, Firefly Gathering, Ancient Future, Portal to the New Earth Sound Healing Festival, Tribalize Regenerative Living Summit, Full Moon Festivals, Mystical Yoga Farm Retreats, Teacher Trainings and more. 

Lauren's passion for serving others through the healing arts is only matched by her continual drive to understand the world of health through the modern lens of scientific research and data. Lauren holds a B.S. Health Science as she finished her pre-requisites for moving into a Naturopathic Medicine degree. However, as she completed her bachelor's she continued independent study and mentorship from folk as well as formal board-certified Naturopathic Doctors (ND, the natural alternative to MD). Her studies, as well as her ND mentors, showed her that these fields are still governed by very limiting bodies that keep their help limited to regulation/liability/heavy-debt that drives up their costs without being justified in the most effective avenues of Holistic therapy with overhead costs that make a more hands-on healing approach mostly unavailable. 

However, through Lauren's unique blend of scientifically-backed training in the Health Sciences, Yoga Therapy, Body Energetics, Somatic Body Therapy, and Board Certified Massage Therapy she has a very solid grasp of body mechanics and human anatomy. This foundation complemented with ancient meridian energetics, chakras, and source point awareness adds to her already profound intuitive ability to find imbalances in the body-energetic field and how to reintegrate these blocks/imbalances. She works with her clients where they are as there are so many tools to use when helping her clients recover, rehab, or optimize their body-mind-emotions. If clients are open and seeking a more energetic approach she has a plethora of scientifically researched ancient healing therapies or if a client feels more comfortable with a strictly modern western approach she is equally equipped and trained in both arenas. Lauren values both sides of the spectrum and is always eager to share her knowledge as well as studies in research-backed by science or first-hand experience with her clients in ways that are accessible to each individual's unique needs.  


Charged with so much passion and drive Lauren is on her path to developing her own methodology for helping practitioners offer their clients genuinely life-changing body-mind-soul therapies. As she believes health is accessible to everybody equipt with the right information, tools, and assistance then all things are truly possible. 

"I love working one-on-one and in workshops with clients to help us all grow together in a new paradigm of high vibrational living and health that we all deserve. My philosophy with clients is to find a path to healing and optimal health that serves You as a completely unique individual."  

"I am here to help guide and assist all souls ready to embrace higher states of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. All things are truly possible when we open ourselves up to receiving, I am here to help you align and move to the next level of harmonious abundance."

We are a Team of Independent Therapists in the Valley.
If I am not available then there is always another amazing Therapist guaranteed to be able to take
the best care of you in my place.
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Corporate Yoga, Events & Conference speaker for Holistic Health Education


Amazing guidance and therapy! I came not knowing what to expect and I was pleased to find actual true divine guidance channeled directly for me, it was a revelation The staff is all very knowledgeable, especially Lauren who helped me. I also received Thai Yogic Assisted Stretching and a Reiki session from Lauren it was deeply relaxing and a powerful healing experience.

-Brian C.

I got to spend some time with Lauren today and she is such an amazing woman and has such a beautiful spirit and energy! I got to get an energy scan that was super eye-opening and only helped me to better my awareness of the things I put in and around my body and environment! Lauren is super knowledgeable and she has so many different services that she offers! I am excited to work with Lauren in some other sessions as well! Definitely would recommend this place to anyone! It is exciting that a place like this exists in the East Valley!

I am new to Reiki. Paul at the Spirit Cafe set me up with Lauren, HHC. She is very nice and spent some time with me explaining about energy healing. I really did not know what to expect from my session. I can tell you I have never felt such an overwhelming love encapsulating my entire being. The experience was profoundly spiritual and as it was taking place I felt one with the universe. Afterwards, I walked in the grass and hugged a tree like it was a true friend. It really is powerful knowing that we are all connected, therefore never truly alone. I would highly recommend Lauren as she has a true gift. Thank you again Lauren!

-Jennifer M.

Truly a place of quality and impressive service. The products are of the best quality and the services are genuine! Lauren is an incredible practitioner and does amazing work! I trust this places and her services and will be going back. I definitely recommend the friendly atmosphere, kind staff, and impeccable quality! If you care about your health and want a good place to start, go here and talk to Lauren. Also some of the best foods and coffee I’ve ever tasted! The infrared sauna was incredible just make sure you hydrate well the day before going in. Again amazing quality and an awesome experience. Thank you!

-Amir H.

-Michael C.

Have had such a wonderful experience working with Lauren. I have steadily been able to shift all areas of my life, mind, body, health, and emotions through the wide variety of holistic health training she has. I am so thankful to find such a knowledgeable practitioner founded in fact-based scientific training and clearly tapped into higher channels, every piece of guidance she has given me and I've followed has done wonders in my life. Thank you!


Had an amazing life transforming results from Lauren's Holistic Health Services, she used a combination of Therapies from Nutrition to Transformative Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Work. I've never felt more at peace, balance and empowered in my entire Mind Body & Spirit! Thank you for all you have done for and with me, looking forward to our next session!


Shes truly a gifted valuable and insightful practitioner. Truly a teacher worth going to. Im very grateful for my experience here and will be going back. You're definitely in good and caring hands here.

-Lindsay H.

The therapy I recieve from Lauren is always deeply relieving and nurturing. I feel very relaxed and clearly understood around what my need are. She has a very healing touch and energy that has helped me to not only free up my physical, but also my mental and emotional blocks. Thank You!

-Jill, S.

After the session my muscles felt very relieved and my mind clear. During the Massage portion Lauren helped release any knots and tight muscles I had, she used great technique that got deep into my body but also made me feel safe. During the Cranial Sacral Therapy I almost immediately fell into a state of meditation and a few moments after I enter a very deep state of stillness that I could not reach by myself.


Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation Expert Aspen Colorado

I often work in conjunction with your or recommended practitioners (MDs, NDs, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Therapist, etc.) to offer the best most comprehensive treatment possible. Combining Therapies is Whole Wellness.

"When we all work together truly amazing things happen."

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