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Yoga Nidra & Meditation


Yoga-Nidra on the College Campus: Changes in Stress, Depression, Worry, and Mindfulness

Heather Eastman-Mueller, Ph.D., CSE, CHES; Terry Wilson, M.Ed, RN, CHES; Ae-Kyung Jung, MA; Andrea Kimura, M.Ed; Jeff Tarrant, PhD, BCN. The University of Missouri. View article here


 Impact of Yoga Nidra on psychological general wellbeing in patients with menstrual irregularities:

A randomized controlled trial

Khushbu RaniSC Tiwari,1 Uma Singh,2 GG Agrawal,3 Archana Ghildiyal, and Neena Srivastava


Yoga Nidra as a complementary treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients

Rani K1, Tiwari SSingh USingh ISrivastava N.


The Impact of Yoga Nidra and Seated Meditation on the Mental Health of College Professors.

Ferreira-Vorkapic C1,2,3, Borba-Pinheiro CJ2,4, Marchioro M1, Santana D5.


Results indicate that both interventions represent an effective therapeutic approach in reducing anxiety and stress levels. However, there was a tendency toward a greater effectiveness of the Yoga Nidra intervention regarding anxiety, which might represent an effective tool in reducing both cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

Evaluation of Meditation in the Treatment of Chemical Dependency.

Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2012 View Abstract Here


 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in U.S. Veterans Using the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS).

Thomas H. Nassif, Ph.D. Deborah O. Norris, Ph.D. Karen L. Soltes, LCSW, Marc R. Blackman, MD, Julie C. Chapman, PsyD and Friedhelm Sandbrink, MD. WA DC VA. 2013.


The Effect of Meditation on Cortisol: A Comparison of Meditation Techniques to a Control Group.

Ohio University: Department of Experimental Health Psychology. View Poster Here


Mindfulness-Based Group Therapy using Yoga Nidra

Johns Hopkins Bayview Brain Injury Clinic. View results here


Feasibility Study of Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra on Combat-Related PTSD.

Veterans. John F. Kennedy University. View results here


Active duty service members: PTSD.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center. View results here

Miami FL VA (PTSD in veterans)


Compassion Fatigue and Insomnia with Health Care Workers.

Brooke Army Medical Center. View poster here


Homelessness: Anxiety, Well-being.

COTS Petaluma Homeless Shelter. View summary hereView poster hereView results here

Stress, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cancer.

Boise State University. View results here


Decreased Stress and Negative Mood in School Counselors.

Boise State University. View results here

Yoga Nidra Research Underway:

Couples & Resiliency.

Brooke Army Medical Center.

North Chicago VA (Veterans: PTSD)

Chemical Dependency: Relapse Prevention.

Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Pain, PTSD). Washington, DC VA.

University of Missouri (College Students: Well-Being) View poster here

General Yoga Nidra Research Articles


Meditation-Induced Bliss Viewed as Release from Conditioned Neural Thought Patterns, which Block Reward Signals in the Brain Pleasure Center. Religion, Brain & Behavior. Published online: 24 Sep 2013.


Effect of Yoga Nidra on blood glucose level in diabetic patients. View abstract here.

Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2012 Apr-Jun;56(2):161-7.

PMID: 19810584 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Effect of Yoga Nidra on physiological variables in patients of menstrual disturbances of reproductive age groupView abstract here.

Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2009 Jan-Mar;53(1):97-101.

PMID: 23387245 [PubMed - in process]


Yoga Nidra as a complementary treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients with menstrual disorder. View results here.

Int J Yoga. 2012 Jan-Jun; 5(1): 52–56.

doi: 10.4103/0973-6131.91715

PMCID: PMC3276934

Copyright : © International Journal of Yoga


Yoga Nidra and its impact on student’s well being. View summary here.

By Dr. Kamakhya Kumar. Published in Yoga Mimansa Journal Vol. 36 No. 1


A study of the improvement of Physical and Mental Health through Yoga Nidra. View summary here.

By Dr. Kamakhya Kumar. Published in Dev Sanskriti Journal Vol. 4 Year 4


Effect of Yoga Nidra on hypertension & other psychological co-relates. View summary here.

By Dr. Kamakhya Kumar. Published in Yoga the Science Journal Vol. 3 Issue 7


Increased dopamine tone during meditation-induced change of consciousness. Brain Research Cognitive Brain Research, 13(2), 255-259

Kjaer, T. W., Bertelsen, C., Piccini, P., Brooks, D., Alving, J., & Lou, H. C. (2002). See Abstract here.

Reiki & Energy Work

An exploratory study of Reiki experiences in women who have cancer.

Kirshbaum MN et al. Int J Palliat Nurs.


Effect of Reiki therapy on pain and anxiety in adults: an in-depth literature review of randomized trials with effect size calculations.

Thrane S1, Cohen SM2.

Meditation & Mindfulness

“Research has shown actual changes in brain structure and function following the practice of mindfulness/meditation. It’s pretty remarkable that we have the power within our minds to shift these bodily processes.”  

– Clinical psychologist Neda Gould

Scan of Monks' Brains Show Meditation Alters Structure, Functioning

Wall Street Journal: Meditation Alters Structure/Functioning of Brain 


Harvard Yoga Scientists Find Proof of Meditation Benefit

Investigating the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Training on Mother and Infant Brain Development

Changing Your Brain and Generosity through Compassion Meditation Training


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