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Sleep better & produce moreMelatonin

Wear Blue-Blockers at night to protect your DNA and help assist your body with natural anti-aging anti-oxidants.  Melatonin is your bodies most powerful anti-oxidants and defined by science as the on & off switch to your body's life stages such as youth, old-age even death. The blue light spectrum has only been available to us from natural sunlight during the daytime only until just the recent century. Studies have now shown how important it is to block those blue-light spectra (495 - 380 nm) and keep the blue-light from negatively affecting your circadian rhythm, therefore your Melatonin production. Studies have shown that those using blue-blocking or ambient light only (no-screens at all) have significantly increased the quality of their sleep. I never get headaches until I was artificially being exposed to blue light at night, which studies have also shown to increase eye-strain and headaches. I personally sleep better and more sound using blue-blockers at night at least 3 hours before bed. I enjoy the style and comfort of these that I found plus have no issues when they cost less than $15 each. Try them out, you won't be disappointed as they also increase nighttime contrast so you actually see better!! Wow! 


Instead of Soda

Ditch the chemicals & obnoxious amounts of sugar for a probiotic life-giving healing delicious Kefir Soda. The flavors and personalized recipe creations are endless with kefir soda. Getting started with the foundational recipe is easy and they love fermenting with fresh or frozen organic fruits.

I highly recommend getting ionic minerals or a rich shilajit with fluvic acid (Ionic minerals are generally cheaper) to keep your kefir sodas/grains super healthy as well you! You will be so amazed at how fast these guys ferment and carbonate so start with less sugar then add more if you want. I've used everything from maple syrup to coconut sugar to simple brown sugar. You can even eventually try out brewing teas like green tea, hibiscus or mint into your starter, just be sure not to ever pour hot water on your grains. Let the fun begin.  

These are some of the

Bees Knees

These are some of the best and best-priced products to make hundreds of batches that I've personally used myself as well

Pure &


Not all Stevia is created Equal... 

When I say that I mean unfortunately more than 90% of the Stevia on the market if you read the ingredients almost always list Dextrose, Erythritol or some chemical derivative for sweetness. When naturally that is what Stevia does no help needed and the taste is Yuck with anything but pure stevia. Not only that pure stevia has amazing benefits for your body

  • Helps balance the PH of the body

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-cancer properties

  • Weight Loss

  • Promotes oral health 

  • Full of Anti-oxidants 

Books that will inspire & change your life....

Heal your gut & help your body detox...

These game-changer supplements are extremely effective and very clean for the body with literally no adverse side-effects reported. Plus they are surprisingly super affordable and very clean. As with anything start slow and consult a physician before you start any health regimens. However, they are so affordable and effective most Dr's aren't even aware of them because they are not prescription drugs, just all-natural so no ability to patent or use insurance on. However, they do massive help in healing the gut and ridding the body of inflammation. 

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Gut Healing

  • Proven to help ease pain

  • Weight Loss

  • Helps heal joints

  • Helps the body to detox on a cellular level

  • Rebuild Tissues (gut, muscles, joint tissue)

  • Full of Anti-oxidants 

If it looks expensive, it's not.

It will last you more than a year

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