Golden Immunity Milk

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This soul nourishing blend of Super-Herbs and Superfoods will feed your Mind-Body-Soul. All of our Superfood Lattes are designed to as internal beauty, body and brain boosting panaceas that touch on a wide spectrum of health benefits that are proven to work on many path ways.
With no compromise to delicious warming flavors, we put a personal twist on a traditional Ayurvedic recipe for longevity and health this blend incorporates Ashwagandha, Astragalus & Shatavari. In combination with the amazing Anti-inflammatory properties of Tumeric, Ginger & a dash of Pepper the synergistic effect of our Golden Immunity Milk will keep you feeling and functioning top-notch this season.
The extensively researched plant compounds in these medicinal roots have been proven to:
+Anti-aging (Fights Free-Radicals & oxidization)

+Helps reduce & balance stress-hormones

+Tumor/Cancer fighting compounds
+Anti-fungal Anti-viral
+Boosts Cognitive Function support
+High in Anti-Oxidants
+Adaptogenic: Supports Adrenal Functions
>> Organic Ingredients << astragalus root, ashwagandha root, shatavari root, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon + pepper
DIRECTIONS: In a pot, simply heat up 8oz of your favorite milk (traditionally made with Ghee and Milk) whisk in 1-2 tsp of golden milk powder + honey to taste.
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