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Organic Herbal Coffee

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In Lak'ech Body Alchemy: Raw Organic Vegan Superfood Herbs
This Super blend of Super-Herbs and SuperFoods will feed your body and soul on a deep cellular level.
**100% Grain-Free unlike most "healthy seeming" Coffee Alternatives on the market with only a very tiny amount of caffeine and way more healing herbal properties. Benefits that will give your adrenals a much-needed break while boasting extremely effective Adaptogenic Superfoods and herbs that will do even more than that for your Mind-Body-Soul.
**This deeply grounding blend will not only warm your soul but the compounds in this delicious herbal blend will pick you up and has plant compounds like L-theanine proven to make you feel alert, engaged as well as relaxed often compared to Oxytocin the love hormone. This herbal blend got me through years of schooling with much more ease than my peers because I felt relaxed, awake and in love with absorbing information.
**If you are looking for a treat for you or a loved one look no further and rest assured you are doing something not only delicious but deeply nourishing for your Body-Mind-Soul

The researched compounds in these medicinal roots have shown to be:
+ Anti-aging (Fight Free Radicals & refines skin/complexion)
+ Packed with Skin Nourishing Benefits
+ Immune Boosting
+ High in Antioxidants
+ Anti-inflammatory
+ Anti-bacterial,
+ Anti-fungal
+ Anti-viral
+ Boosts Cognitive Function aids in healing & supporting adrenal function
+ Adaptogenic Superherbs

>>100% Organic Ingredients << Roasted Chicory Root, Roasted Dandelion Root, Pu'erh Tea, Rooibos Tea, Rosehips (high Vit. C), Reishi Mushroom, Ro-Ti (HoSheWu), Peppermint Leaf

DIRECTIONS: In a pot, simply heat up 8oz of your favorite Mylk or water (I use a 1:1 ratio of water:mylk to make a latte with a drop of Coconut Oil of a creamy frothy finish) whisk in 1-2 TBSP the Herbal Coffee Blend and allow to steep for at least 5 minutes over low heat. Strain out the herbs blend in a blender for frothy latte finish and enjoy.
***If you like traditional Black Coffee simply steep in water, strain and enjoy!!!
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