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"Assisting You
on your unique

personal path to 
optimized Health, Happiness and 

"It’s rare you find someone so in tune with what your body needs & willing to collaborate to find the problem. My therapist was more than accommodating & helped me find relief from tension I didn’t even know I was holding." 
 - Chris Burkard, Pro Surf & Ski Photographer

"Lauren was amazing! Her breadth of knowledge and skills around the body in all its interrelatedness for the purpose of healing was very impressive. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal or extend the capabilities of their body." 
- Erik Thomsen, Marathon Athlete

Excellent all around! Very knowledgeable on many different types of healing and sports medicine.
- Stephen A, Skier & Corporate Business Owner

Best Massage in Aspen Spa Mobile Massage
Scientifically Proven      
Health & Wellness     
+ Transformational Coaching
+ Private In-Home Therapy
+ In-office at Aspen, CO Core


Specializing in custom Holistic Health Therapy,

Sports Rehab, TMC Cupping, Graston Techniques, Nutritional & Fitness Coaching, Energy Balancing, 

Assisted Stretching, Yoga Therapy, Ashiatsu,

Sound Healing Journeys, Sacred Ceremony,

Reiki, Yoga Nidra, Hypnotherapy

& Holistic Life Coaching

*Office in Aspen, CO & Snowmass Village

*Online Therapy Available

Vibrant Holistics provides you with the most advanced technologies in Holistic Health Coaching, Mindfulness, Empowerment, Take-home Tools, Ancient Healing techniques (Cupping, Breathwork, Gua Sha, Reiki, Energy Therapy, etc.) combined with Cutting-Edge modern Therapy for Body-Mind-Emotional Balancing.

We specialize in Performance, Rehabilitation & Recovery therapies. 

Our methods of treatments are research-proven combined with the most ancient time-tested practices, complemented by years of personally developed practice and gifts. Allow us to use our unique skills to help you through virtually any of life's experiences and assist you in achieving your highest goals.

Together we can help you to find balance and

experience levels of health you never imagined possible.

Massage Aspen, CO Snowmass Mobile Luxury Spa




Massage Aspen, Reiki Master Energy Healer, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Moble Luxury Spa
Individual Assesment & Treatment Plan


At Vibrant Holistics we love to work with you and your specific needs to find a wellness plan that can get you feeling your best as soon as possible. We all have the capability to heal our own body, mind & spirit. Often true healing starts with shifting our mind from things that no longer serve us and taking intentional steps that help to solidify a life focused on what we Do want. Through our studies and personal paths as athlete's, soul seekers, academic students and practitioners of Holistic Health we have found that most everyone has been misinformed at some point, into believing that disease is the norm. However, science is now proving what we've searched years to find on our own personal journeys to healing and freedom that we are capable of living free of pain, sickness, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, mental fog, low energy and so much more. So many common condtions and chronic issues are being reversed with the application of ancient and modern Holistic Health Practices. 

Scientifically Proven

Non-invasive Therapies 

Massage Aspen Cranial Sacral, Private Yoga Therapy
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