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July 16, 2016

What is Self? What is Objective Truth? What it is True Self? What is Other?

Not exactly the thoughts that floated into my mind today but contemplation that drew me to look deeper into contemplating how we are showing up collectively in our world today. Thinking about what a meditation teacher and sound therapist once said, “We are like sensory probes in our world, constantly retrieving and receiving information trying to make sense of it all.” 
And it seems that just exactly, What we do with that information is a very defining factor for us as individuals. Collectively we often get caught trying to strive to fit a role, a part and be the best at it wether we see it as mainstream puppetry or not, playing an outlier is even yet another form to fit in itself. Trying to be something or someone other than just you, your authentic self is the collective and self imprisionment that much of the world is caught in. To sense and know that we are all wearing skin and playing out a role that is r...

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