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Soul Flow

What is Self? What is Objective Truth? What it is True Self? What is Other? Not exactly the thoughts that floated into my mind today but contemplation that drew me to look deeper into contemplating how we are showing up collectively in our world today. Thinking about what a meditation teacher and sound therapist once said, “We are like sensory probes in our world, constantly retrieving and receiving information trying to make sense of it all.” And it seems that just exactly, What we do with that information is a very defining factor for us as individuals. Collectively we often get caught trying to strive to fit a role, a part and be the best at it wether we see it as mainstream puppetry or not, playing an outlier is even yet another form to fit in itself. Trying to be something or someone other than just you, your authentic self is the collective and self imprisionment that much of the world is caught in. To sense and know that we are all wearing skin and playing out a role that is really actually as subjective as our own individual realities, could possibly bring a bit of freedom from getting lost in our patterns or roles.

When I step back and feel, instead of try to know or even understand, I sense the truth that we are all much more than we are making ourselves out to be. The layers deep, the truth sometimes lost but really only hidden. I have found an art and pleasure in uncovering the inner workings of as many souls as I can manage while still finding time to pioneer the uncharted territory of my own inner dimensions. In the most connected of beings I don’t find, as much, difference from the outer and inner landscapes, but still always find that there lay undiscovered treasure map awaiting an good honest venture. Other less connected beings I sometimes find a completely different person, with as many new and hidden layers to discover as they have themselves yet to discover.

That is when I ask, is it truly serving the exploration of these depths and layers of soul, of Self, when we are so busy fitting into a role, a success story, an endless striving to be coveted by as many souls as possible. Sometimes even so busy coveting other lives, bodies and material wishes that we completely lose sight of self. Does that truly satisfy and free the layers within, does it leave any time to even recognize that there are dimensions, layers within at all? Are we ready to open to the experience of layers within layers, deeper self, deeper meaning? Are we ready to form it into a working part of our language, our lives, our personal value system?

I feel that we are, I hope that we are. Because wether we are accepting or denying of this aspect of life, the micro-macro cosmos of fractal unfolding, within-without. We are here, it is now. It Is happening. Scientific theory can definitely serve us in this sense if you believe we are on a perpetual escalator of evolution then we must be headed for better, higher grounds. Humans are awaking, discovering, questioning and no longer satisfied by being pushed daily into boxes that are not big enough to fit their souls. We can continue to covet these archaic ideals of job, money, body image, lust over love, however, that we all hope to know well by now, will only serve to make the shift more difficult, the rocks at the bottom ever more hard, jagged. If we can possibly see it from a greater perspective then that of individual identity, that maybe deep within self there is much more to open, explore, enjoy, experience than just what distracts the immediate senses. Our attention is a creation of self pattern, entrainment, conditioning and habit. So I suggest to place it wisely and pay heed to where it has gone when you lose track of it. So, perhaps then as we stand together and alone at this cusp we can step boldly, courageously, gracefully into…..who knows what...

Greater Self, multifaceted reality, deeper dimensions our full capability and potential as spiritual beings, having sometimes limited human experiences. However, I feel the limits are but horizons asking us to step forward and beyond in discovery of new possibilities. My hope is at least to step together into peace, harmony and well being for all. As for my contribution to this creation I will strive for that, because while it is true we all have a personal oasis of peace within, no man escapes the self pain inflicted by cruelty or cold heartedness to another being. The irony being, You are that being. My intention for myself and world on this day, “Open, Free to love another me.”

In'lakech (I am another You, You are another Me)



I know that this is littered with grammatical errors but I am asking that we open on all levels. I am perfectionist too, in many more ways than one. However, in the attempt to honor my souls expression I am letting the perfection go to create something new. Maybe it is not what we are 'suppose to' or 'should do', but that is an inherent limitation. Here, I hope we can open and see where even formal grammar and literal expressions have there limits in usefulness. I am asking we open up language and grammar for new creation and soul creativity to flow in.

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