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Delicious Vegan Asian Lettuce Wraps

So this is not going to be a long and elaborate post, I've just got to get this out there to my loved ones now. I wanted to make some yummy healthy and delicious Vegan Lettuce Wrap for tonight as with my pregnancy I am getting cravings but have quickly found again if its not healthy with clean ingredients then I feel terrible afterwards, which I just don't think is ever worth it especially when clean nutrient dense meals are even more tasty especially with all Organic produce/products.


I was so hungry I am always concerned with cooking time but this one is pretty quick and the taste is completely worth it. Also with the ingredients being just clean and amazing that you really should have in your kitchen for healthy kicks to your dishes. Remember, always buy Organic when you can or at the very lease avoid the Dirty Dozen (meaning always buy those Organic) and feel okay about buying the Clean Fifteen not organic if you are on a very tight budget. Real-talk, I always spend way less on food regardless of buying Organic everything when I am buying unprocessed clean fruit, veggies and ingredients.

So, on with it then!

Vegan Lettuce Wrap Recipe


  • Olive or Toasted Sesame Oil

  • 1/3 Cup Walnuts

  • 1/4 Cup Pecans

  • 5 Cremini Mushrooms or (Firm Mushroom of Choice)

  • 1 Can of Water Chestnuts

  • 1 Carrot

  • 1 Stalk of Celery

  • Head of Romaine Lettuce

  • 3 cloves of Garlic 1 tsp.

  • Fresh Chopped Ginger (or dried)

  • Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce (Gluten & MSG, Additive free)

  • Organic Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce (my Personal Favorite)

  • Braggs Aminos (similar to Soy Sauce but better and actually good for you) -------------------

1. Heat a pan on the stove to med-high heat

2. Crush Garlic to activate health giving sulfate compounds, Set aside until ready to chop/use

3. Chop Mushrooms to small cubes, add to the pan with a 1 TBS of Sesame or Olive Oil

4. Chop to small chunks the Pecans & Walnuts then cover with hot water to soften (or soak for 1-2 hours in warm water to activate) Set aside until ready to cook

5. Chop Water Chestnuts, Carrots & Celery (or use food processor to a small chop, not minced)

6. Add the Carrots to the pan once the Mushrooms are almost finished cooking

7. Mince ginger and add it to the pan, allow the carrots to cook while you mince the garlic

8. Add 2 TBS of Coconut Amino Teriyaki Sauce and a few dashes of Hot Sauce, Combine

9. Drain the water from the Pecans & Walnuts with a strainer to get most of the water off, then add to the pan and cover in sauces

10. Add a dash of Braggs Aminos

11. Add chopped Water Chestnuts & Celery

a. Add more Teriyaki & Hot Sauce to taste

b. Cook for only a couple minutes while stirring

12. Add minced Garlic cook only 1 minute more to unlock flavor but do not brown

A big key to making a great Asian Lettuce wrap is to keep the stir-fry crunchy Do not over cook until soft & mushy it will not taste as good I promise.

Then to plate take some big cup like Romaine Lettuce Leaves, maybe 2 on top of one another to make a boat. Then add a small amount of the Stir-fry not too much across the length of the lettuce as the crunchy fresh, watery taste of the lettuce is key to the taste of the lettuce wrap.

Last top to taste for your own liking, I always sprinkle a bit of Nutritional Yeast for a savory umami and nutty finish. You can add a bit of Braggs if I wanted more salty, more Teriyaki for more sweet or try Plum Sauce and obviously more Hot Sauce for extra heat.

Balance the taste to your unique flavor profile is actually really healthy for you considering your body is not extremely out of balance and stuck in a constant craving. In that case check with that salty or specific flavor craving means, simple google search should start uncovering somethings for your or consult a Health Specialist for a likely more accurate explanation.

For example, craving and using excessive or unhealthy amount of Salt because it is actually a symptom of overtaxed adrenal system. Or excessive sweet because of internal bacteria and yeast overgrowth usually caused by the lack of fermented foods in the diet after any round of antibiotics.

This one is for My Dad who has decided to empower his life and health by going plant-based!!!

I know you will love this one. xo

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